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Charles Butler and Jane Roebuck

were married on 31st December 1778 in Ravenfield, Yorkshire.

Jane Roebuck

was baptised on 21st September 1760 in Ravenfield.
Her parents were William Roebuck and Mary Barber,
who were married in Ravenfield on 24th November 1759.

Charles and Jane's first daughter Margaret was born on 28th October 1779 and baptised on 31st October 1779 in Ravenfield. The family must have then moved to the nearby village of Thrybergh where their other children were all born.

The following children of Charles and Jane Butler were baptised in Thrybergh.

William born 26th November 1780

Elizabeth born 27th December 1781

John born 21st May 1783, died January 1801.

Martha born 7th July 1785

Charles born 31st March 1787

Ann born 19th July 1789

Sarah born 14th June 1791

Edward born 16th January 1793

Hannah born 8th March 1795

William born 18th September 1796

Matthew born 14th May 1799

Charlotte born 27th December 1801

Jane born 24th July 1803

Dinah born 20th July 1806

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