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Sheila Khan's Family Tree

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I was born at 38 Birch Avenue, Romiley, Cheshire, England on 23rd January 1946.

My maiden name was Sheila Cox.

Image of Sheila

This is me at the age of 6 months.

I married Yunis Khan in 1968 in Ashton-U-Lyne, Lancashire where we were both working. I was a nurse and he was a junior hospital doctor. We have four children.

Darius is 38. He has a degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Birmingham University. He lives in Birmingham with his girlfriend Ben (Rebecca) and their son Jakob Asa who was born on 5th November 2003 and their daughter Jasmine May was born on 16th March 2007.

Sophia is 34 and has a degree in Law and French Law from Reading and Nanterre(Paris) Universities. She lives in London where she is working for Blue Cross Animal charity.

Imran is 31 and is a doctor and is married with a son Zachariah who was born in June 2009

Sameer is 24 and he graduated in 2006 from Birmingham University with a first class degree in computer science. He is working in software development. He has a son Stuart William who was born 17th January 2003.

These are the newest branches of my family tree, to go back to my roots, click here.

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Last updated 8th March 2010.


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