Sheila Khan's Family Tree
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Going back to my Roots

I am the daughter of William Cox and Kathleen Lilian Tirrell

Other surnames to be found in my family tree.

Barnes, Beresford, Bramhill, Burrey, Butler, Cave, Chappell, Cheetham ,Compton , Cox, Gates, Ginns, Godber, Harris, Ingham, Kirk, Mathews, Mycock, Newam, Parrott, Redfearn,Roebuck Rollings,Sawyer, Spencer, Stacey, Swingler, Timson, Tirrell, Toseland, Tye, Wilmot, Whitby, Whittaker, Wood, Woodruff.

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My son Darius first aroused my interest in researching my family tree. He came home for the Christmas holidays in 1999 and showed me the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family Search Site on the Internet. My Mother,Kathleen Lilian Cox, was staying with us on a holiday from Australia, so Darius started asking both of us questions about his grandparents and great grandparents and their dates of birth.

He immediately found his great grandmother,Sarah Ann Cox, on the Family Search Site. He found both her birth and marriage records on the International Genealogical Index. Next he found his great grandfather, Samuel Henry Cox's birth. We now had their parents' names, and the start to our 'Family Tree'. This sparked my interest, how far back could these records take us?

Four years later I have well and truly taken over from Darius as the Family Tree researcher. On re-establishing contact with my cousin Valerie in Australia, after several years, I found out that she had started researching the family tree in the 1970s. Our contact re-kindled her interest and now we are collecting information together over the Internet.

The Internet has been a great source of information and help. Not only the sites that have information from different records but also the many mailing lists and message boards. There are so many people, also researching their family trees, who are willing to pass on information to others and also help with looking up records to which they have access and you may not.

Another useful source of information I have found is the 1881 census, which has been published on CD Rom by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My website was started as an assignment in my first year at college, where I was studying IT as part of my degree course. It consisted of six pages of my family tree and I achieved an 'A' grade with it. I will hopefully, now I am not restricted by time, continue improve it by the addition of more pages and also information on how I started my research. The site now has more than 50 pages and is still expanding. You may not wish to see them all, but you are more than welcome to browse through and look at any names to which you may be connected.

I have not listed any sources for the information in these pages. Information on recent family members has been taken from birth, marriage and death certificates. Earlier information has been taken from the IGI, censuses and parish records, but is mostly second-hand as I have not seen most of these records personally. If anybody disputes any of the information, or would like to know about any of my sources, Return to top

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