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Thomas Tirrell and Martha Swingler

Were married on 26th November 1829 in Wilbarston, Northamptonshire.

Thomas Tirrell

was born on 15th November 1807 in Wilbarston, Northamptonshire.

His parents were John Tirrell and Mary Timson.

Martha Swingler

was born in about 1807 and was baptised at Wilbarston Church on 25th May 1807.

Her parents were William Swingler and Sarah Ginns.

Thomas and Martha had 13 children. They were all baptised at Wilbarston Church as follows:

Louis or Lewis on 22nd August 1830 (born 28 July 1830).

Samuel on 10th July 1836 (born in about 1832).

James born in about 1833.

Thomas on 10th July 1836 (born in about 1834).

John on 10th July 1836.

Jesse on 1st April 1838.

Zillah on 24th May 1840.

George on 16th February 1842.

Sarah Jane on 14th July 1844.

Geoffrey on 31st May 1846.

Martha Ellen on 11th June 1848 (born 30th December 1847).

Amelia Jane on 11th June 1848, buried in 1851.

Joseph on 10th May 1853 (born 28th September 1851).

On the 1881 census Thomas was 74 years old and was an inmate at Jesus Hospital, Church Lane, Rothwell, Northamptonshire. The hospital was for poor men of good character, who came from the estates around Rothwell. To find out more about the hospital, visit the Rothwell Town website.To see a panoramic view of the hospital try this link.

Image Jesus Hospital

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