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William Toseland and Hannah Tirrell

Were married on 21st June 1830 in Wilbarston.

William Toseland

was born in about 1809 in Northamptonshire.

Hannah Tirrell

was born in about 1809.

Her parents were John Tirrell and Mary Timson.

She died in 1859 and was buried in Little Harrowden on 2nd August 1859.

William and Hannah had ten children. They were baptised in Little Harrowden as follows:

Samuel Turnel, 30th January 1831.

Elizabeth, 6th November 1832, buried 25th November 1832.

Ann Terril, 13th December 1835, buried 20th May 1848.

John, 1st May 1834, buried 18th December 1834.

John, 17th March 1839.

Eliza, 14th March 1841.

Jane 31st August 1842.

Francis,28th July 1844, buried 4th June 1848.

William, 4th December 1846.

William 3rd July 1849.

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